Saturday, September 27, 2008

Vendee globe 2008 Race Route


News From Jackson said...

Thank you for including the link to the Vendee Globe on your web site. My students have enjoyed following Skipper Rich Wilson on his voyages since 2001 when he sailed from New York City to Melbourne, AU. In 2003 he sailed from Hong Kong to NYC. And in 2004, he sailed from Boston, MA to Plymouth, England. As he travels, he writes about his voyages on his website. He invites students to ask him questions about the animals that he sees, the weather patterns, the kind of food that he eats, and what it is like to be way out in the middle of the ocean for so many days. Rich loves to teach students while he is at sea. He hopes that thousands of students around the world will follow him on this voyage.
One of the sailors of the Vendee Globe is from Spain! His name is Pakea Bizkaia. Here is the link to his web site.

besbello said...

Thank you very much for your comment!